Revolutionizing career fairs

ScanFactor caters to attendees or students seeking opportunities, recruiters in search of top talent, and hosts seeking an ideal solution for their event and team.


Experience the future of career fairs with ScanFactor. Attend college, university, high school, or company hosted job fairs with just a QR code. Our platform makes job searching seamless, letting you focus on making meaningful connections, not on cumbersome paperwork.

Your career fair's digital age.

Attendee Benefits

No app download required! Experience the full benefits of ScanFactor directly through your phone's browser.

Before the fair. Create your account and immediately you'll have a QR code where you can upload your resume (CV), your LinkedIn profile, portfolio website, and more! Access event details and view participating companies ahead of time.

During the fair. Enter with your QR code on your phone. Meet with recruiters and simply have them scan your code to share your professional details! Enjoy seamless networking, and here's to landing your dream job!

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With ScanFactor, sourcing the perfect candidates becomes both easier and faster!

Upon scanning a candidate's QR code with ScanFactor, you gain instant access to the information they've uploaded to their profile. Plus, any new additions they make are visible to you in real-time. Additionally, you can mark individuals as favorites and jot down notes about your interactions with them.

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Export your data.
Export the data from your interactions into CSV files to use with any Applicant Tracking System or easily share with colleagues.
Filter the candidates.
Efficiently sort and filter candidates to pinpoint individuals who best fit the roles you're hiring for.
Digital dashboards.
Say goodbye to stacks of paper resumes! You will love your digital dashboard of career fair connections on ScanFactor!


Unlock comprehensive insights into your career fair's success with ScanFactor. Our analytics tools provide deep visibility into event dynamics, helping you streamline future fairs and enhance attendee and recruiter engagement.

Data analytics

Understanding events and interactions

Transform your career fair experience with ScanFactor. Gain unprecedented insights into your events, using our detailed analytics to drive continuous improvement and maximize engagement at every fair.

Determine top companies.
Identify and invite back the companies most actively recruiting your attendees to ensure continued success.
Simple and clear visualizations.
Our data dashboards provide clear and straightforward visualizations for easy comprehension. Additionally, access raw data for personalized analyses.
Enhanced event management.
Utilize ScanFactor to streamline attendee preparation, check-ins, recruiter engagement, and gain real-time insights into your fair's proceedings for improved events.
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