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ScanFactor transforms traditional job fairs into paperless, engaging events. By eliminating cumbersome processes and outdated technology, we empower event managers to focus on creating meaningful connections. Experience a modern career fair that's as efficient as it is impactful.

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Elevate your job fairs with ScanFactor

Revolutionize your career fairs with ScanFactor, where cutting-edge technology meets streamlined event management. Our platform ensures that every interaction adds value, impressing both recruiters and attendees. Connect seamlessly via mobile—no apps or paper needed.

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QR Code connections.
No app download necessary! You can enjoy all of the benefits of ScanFactor simply by using the browser on your phone.
Data analytics.
Our platform delivers the post-event data you need to maximize the impact of your efforts, helping you refine future events for even greater success.
Easy and simple.
No more paper resumes. No more printed name tags. No more awkward signups at recruiter booths.

QR Code Connections

Making your life easier - whether you are hosting the event or attending.

Streamline your career fair with ScanFactor's QR code connections. Our system simplifies the administrative load, allowing recruiters to swiftly assess candidates through a digital dashboard. This efficient process ensures that your event runs smoothly and effectively.

Event Attendees

Whether as a student or a candidate coming to the event, create lasting connections with the your digital profile and your in-person pitch!

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No more stacks of resumes. We bring the digital world to career fairs to make it easier to find the right candidates for your company faster.

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Use ScanFactor to better prepare your students, to check them in, to impress your recruiters, and to get real-time insights into your event.

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Trusted by event hosts and universities worldwide

We can't wait to earn your trust!

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Event Scans
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100% web based

No more requiring everyone to download an app from iOS or Google Play stores

The event attendees and the recruiters won't be required to download an app (no one wants to just for a single career fair)!

Use the browser on your phone
Already installed. Already accessible. ScanFactor is simple and fast.
Less phone space required
Requiring the students and/or recruiters to download an app for a single event is annoying.
Scan using your phone's camera
All phones today come with a pre-built ability to scan QR codes--including the ScanFactor ones!
Advanced security
Rest assured that only users with a ScanFactor account can view professional details after they meet someone and scan their code.

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