Paperless Career Fairs

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Students land better jobs

One QR code for recruiters to scan. No piles of resumes and business cards. No physical contact needed. Fantastic interactions.

Students QR Code
Recruiter app on an iphone

Recruiters find better matches

One candidate dashboard. No time wasted trying to sort through stacks of paper resumes. Happier companies that will come back to your career fairs.

Event Hosts Have Data Analytics

During: Access real-time analytics to see how your event is performing.
After: Leverage insights to drive impact and create lasting value.

Software Benefits

We make it easy to connect and stay connected.

Students don't have to
download another app

Students can share their LinkedIn, resume, and more with one QR code;
No more printed paper

Recruiters can easily access all
this information after the fair

Students: Favorite companies, view maps,
and research job opportunities

Recruiters: Easily review favorite candidates
with our simple dashboard

Hosts: no more guessing
Easily analyze valuable event data

We're All About a Better Experience

Check out this video to experience how a student-recruiter interaction goes with ScanFactor.