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Instantly scan resumes, favorite candidates, take notes, and export for further analysis.

Career Fairs, Conferences, Networking Events, Information Sessions, Exhibitions, Job Fairs, High School Visits

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01. About app

Simplicity is key

SimplyScan is fast to set up, easy to use, and frustration free.

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Make an account

Sign up with your email to create an account. We’ll keep your events and scans in here for quick and easy retrieval.

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Create your event

Add events in the easy-to-use app interface on or before the big day. Organize by the event to make your job easier!

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Scan Paper Resumes

Adding a resume is quick and easy with our intuitive app. Never sort through stacks of paper resumes again!

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Favorite, Take Notes, and More

Make the most out of each interaction! Take notes and favorite your most promising applicants for future reference.

02. Our benefits

Out with the old — Embrace the new

We’ve been collecting the same old paper resumes for decades now. SimplyScan will save you paper, time, and money, all while helping you find the right candidates for the job!

No more collecting
paper resumes

Welcome to the digital age of recruiting! Streamlined, paperless, and contactless.

Technology to make
your life easier

Go mobile and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Find the right candidate

You’ll love the notes, profile pictures, and ratings after the event.

Take notes to
remember interactions

Get the most out of your event by capturing key information about each candidate.

Optimize your

Thoughtfully designed to give you the right features.

Access From

Create, organize, and share your applicants all in one place.

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03. Try for Free

Try SimplyScan for free today

For a limited time, new users will be able to use SimplyScan for absolutely nothing! This software is designed to meet your needs—try it out and see for yourself!

Set up in less than 2 minutes

Simply add your email and pick a password to create an account. You can start adding career fairs and scanning resumes right away!

Beautiful and modern design

Impress the candidates with the sleek look and functionality! You will be delighted to start seeing the benefits of using SimplyScan.

04. Using the app

What You'll Need

With a smart device and internet, you'll be ready to go! We store your details in the cloud if you want to access your information on another device.

Whether it's an Apple or Android phone, SimplyScan works great!
For your phone to talk to our cloud servers, you'll need some Wi-Fi or data while you interact with the app.
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05. App screens

See how it works

How can we assist you?

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