Using ScanFactor

Making your job easier - whether you are a student, recruiter, or event host.

How it works

We know how tough it can be to print and hand out resumes, keep track of stacks of paper resumes or business cards, and remember who you talked to at career fairs, which is why we’re giving you a better option.

With ScanFactor, candidates can transfer all the information a recruiter would want digitally. Recruiters can now enjoy a much easier process to review candidates with stars, notes, and digital dashboards.

ScanFactor allows everyone at an event to focus on what matters most--making personal connections.

Before the Fair

Students: Create an account ScanFactor and upload your resume. You will automatically have a QR code to share your information with recruiters who scan it!

That’s it! Go ahead and start browsing the upcoming career fairs at your school and see which employers are planning to attend.

Recruiters: Download the ScanFactor App to create an account and you will be ready to scan QR codes and make connections!

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During the Fair

Students: When you meet a recruiter at the fair, simply show them your badge so they can scan it with the ScanFactor app on their phone.

Recruiters: By scanning the students' QR codes, you will receive their information and can "Star" the candidate, take notes, and view their information immediately!

The event scans are where the magic happens! Let ScanFactor take care of the information gathering, so you can focus on the people you meet with.

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After the Fair

Check out to see the list of everyone you met during the recruiting event.

Students: Now is your chance to prepare for interviews and jobs!

Recruiters: You can see your new connections on your phones or on the website. You can also share a CSV file with others at your company so they too can view the candidates' shared details.

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Event Hosts

Let our team do some of the heavy lifting to prepare for your event! Here are a few of the benefits with working with us!

Event Creation and Company Management

Simply send us the details about your event and we will take care of the rest. Our team creates the event, uploads the companies, adds job details (location, preferred majors, remote/in-person, company website, etc), and adds a floor map or other documents you'd like to share.

Custom Webpage

ScanFactor will create a custom webpage you can direct users to so they can learn about your event through words, pictures, or even a video. You can even choose to highlight up to five companies on your page. All of this will be managed by our team.

Ongoing Support

ScanFactor may be new to you and your team, which is why our customer support representatives will be right by your side the entire way. From event creation all the way through debriefing after the event and reviewing the data you can begin using immediately.

Valuable Data and Insights

Your student placement and future fairs can now be incredibly data driven. You will have all of the data collected at your event! Your team will be amazed at the key insights and previously unanswerable questions that will now be available.

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How ScanFactor Works

A demo video that shows both the student and recruiter signup and their ScanFactor interaction.