Frequently Asked Questions

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ScanFactor is for students/attendees, recruiters and career fair hosts.

Students/attendees will use to login and upload their resume. Students will also be able to access their unique QR code to be scanned at upcoming recruiting events. Don’t worry students, no app download necessary! Access your QR code on any browser on your phone or print it off beforehand. By scanning QR codes, recruiters will be able to access their names, see their picture, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, major, and GPA.

Recruiters will login on to see all career fair events and find the ones they will attend. Before the actual event, recruiters will download our scanner application from the App Store or Google Play. They will use their phones or tablets to scan the QR codes of all the students that they speak with. After the fair, they will log in to to view a dashboard of all the students they spoke with and view their names, faces, resumes, majors, LinkedIn profiles, and GPA.

The career fair hosts use to create upcoming career fair events that recruiters and students will be able to view to see attending companies and roles, fair information, maps, and other preparation materials. After the career fairs, hosts will be able to access key information surrounding the fair, students, and companies.
You can use ScanFactor however you would like; however, we highly recommend that all of the attendees use ScanFactor as that will improve the amount and quality of the data that you get after the fair. One of the best benefits of ScanFactor are all of the insights you get on what the attendees and recruiters did at the fair. By having all attendees check in with their ScanFactor QR code the recruiters have incentive to use ScanFactor to easily collect candidate information with a simple scan.
The price is based on the number of companies in attendance. Companies can have multiple recruiters at their booth and the cost is the same.
ScanFactor comes with a training program to ensure the host's employees are comfortable with the software, digital files for the marketing materials for attendees and recruiters, ability to export all data into Excel, real-time data metrics, and Tableau dashboards to visualize your data in new ways.
ScanFactor commits to ensure that the host of the event has all the training necessary to use ScanFactor at their event-without the help of a ScanFactor representative; however, we will also send out a ScanFactor representative to your fair anywhere in the country for an additional $250.
On the Sign In portal, click the link next to “Forgot Password?” and enter your email. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
Log in to your profile and on the left hand menu bar, click on “Career Fair Badge.” There you will be able to access your QR code to be scanned at the event. When your QR code is scanned, the recruiter will receive all of the information you have uploaded to your profile.
Nope, you are the one who will be scanning the QR codes of the students at the event. You just need to download the ScanFactor app from your favorite app store (the App Store or Google Play Store) and use that to scan the QR codes of the students you meet.
Please reset your password with the forgot password link.